Bruce Diamond has worked in stringed instrument repair for almost 40 years, He worked fourteen years along side world renowned master luthier Bernie Lehmann at Lehmann Stringed Instruments before opening Diamondstrings in 1998.


As a graduate of G.R.D. (Guitar Research & Design), Bruce learned stringed instrument building from Charles Fox, George Morris, and later, instrument repair from Peter Stokes of E.U. Wurlitzer Music in Boston, Mass. Bruce has worked on literally thousands of string instruments of all kinds. He also has a degree in Industrial Design from The Rochester Institute of Technology.


Some of the more illustrious names that he has repaired for, or sold to, are, Elliot Easton, Mark Knopfler, Boyd Tinsley, Reeves Gabrells, Peter Wolf, Matt 'Guitar' Murphy, Gary Tallent, Brian Ray, [with Paul McCartney], Midnight Oil, Mitch Easter, Carly Simon ,David Grissman, Tom Petersson

[ Cheap Trick], Film Director extraordinaire Jonathan Beswick, Vern Miller [ bassist from the Remains!!] and many others.


When you buy from Diamondstrings, you get a guaranteed instrument that is truly ready to tune up and play.


A collector and player, Bruce has many unusual and interesting pieces for the beginner through the expert. He specializes in electric guitars, basses, mandolins, keyboards and assorted violins (these are also the instruments he currently plays in different bands). Diamond Strings is still currently one of the largest vintage Hagstrom guitar dealers in the modern world.


Bruce Diamond started playing bass in 1965 . By 1967 he had acquired a Beautiful white Hagstrom II F-400 model and he's been playing ever since. Finding time to play ain't easy for us oldsters but if you can, check out his bands that have some good MP-3's on their sites...., or


Staying current in the working musical world keeps Diamond Strings in touch with every level of player and no one in the industry understands the needs of the musician better. This goes for the beginner to the weekend warrior to the pro's and all levels of collectors.

The philosophy at Diamond Strings is; 'let the rest of the industry fight over Strats and Les Pauls'. Not that there is anything wrong with Fender or Gibson's most popular models ,and they show up on our inventory list now and then. It's just that many of us like to get away from the herd and there is so much more great undiscovered stuff out there. We LOVE Hagstroms, Guilds, and Mosrites and are currently offering the largest stock of vintage Hagstrom guitars in the known universe! ! Diamond Strings is very often the place to find Hoyers, Hagstroms, Hofners and Hopf's, it's often the place to seek Klira's, Kay's and Kustoms...


In this world of insane vintage guitar prices , you will find it's really nice to have found a website dedicated to keeping guitar buying fun and affordable. . Browse the listings and get acquainted!! Enjoy. If you don't see it on the list, call anyway, Bruce may be able to help you locate it.



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